New Cocoa Jones Collection

We have recently started selling some new clothing including these beautiful red bonnets by Cocoa Jones photographed for Vogue by Thea Courtney. Thea is a photographer who specialises in taking family photographs of children. See this link to her website

We are also selling some lovely Cocoa Jones dresses in cotton and needlecord which are made from Liberty's and 1970s Laura Ashley fabrics, designed by Thea they are based on some original dresses worn by her and her sister in the 70s.

The bonnets and dresses are available to purchase from our online store in the Cocoa Jones collection





Recent Finds

























As well as hunting for vintage and second hand children's clothes we are always on the look out for interesting and unusual pieces for the website.

I recently found these 1970s mug shots. Each one is different and they are double sided with different pictures on the front and back. I m not sure what they would have been used for.

Casting shots? If you have any ideas please e-mail me at

There are 42 of them in all and they are selling at £10 a print. See the Gift and Toys and House and Home pages.

Also check out our selection of American antique patchwork quilts.